Drug Target Identification

We have an unique approach to identify drug targets from omics data. This approach starts from genome-wide, unbiased, curated data and integrates all possible omics data to identify drug targets for any complex disease.

Drug Target Development

We can characterize the ‘molecular signature‘ of your drug target, identify modulating compounds, and we can in silico and in vivo validate your drug targets, disease mechanisms or biomarkers, leading to patentable mechanisms and compounds.


Our experts are able to unlock the full potential of your data. We are able to provide help, support and advice on analyzing, handling, integration and interpretation of large omics datasets, and the design of experiments for the validation and further development of drug targets.


We like milestones! We provide tailored projects, customized to your needs. Each project contains specified milestones and key deliverables that will be shared and discussed with your team of experts. 

Close cooperation

We want to work together! During each project, there will be regular contact to discuss the progress and results of the project. We believe that the best results will be achieved with the continuous input, insights and feedback of your experts.

Novel insights

We can guarantee novel insights in your data! Our unique approach enables us to provide a new and unbiased look at the data and/or the biological construct(s) that you work on. This enables us to identify novel mechanisms, biomarkers and drug targets.

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